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What is a Gift Set?

Our Gift Sets are pre-made bundles of some of our most popular grooming products. They're a great way to give a thoughtful gift, without over-thinking it. Check them out here.

How do the new DSNC Gift Sets work?

It’s easy. Just select your Gift Set and where you want it to be sent. Once your order ships, we’ll have it delivered within 5-7 business days.

Do I need to be a DSC member to buy a Gift Set?

Nope, anyone can purchase a Gift Set. If you’re already a Member, you can use your DSC credits towards the gift purchase.

Can my Gift recipient return or exchange their Gifts?

If the recipient doesn’t love their Gift (highly unlikely), contact us and our Club Pros will help you out.

Are there expedited shipping options?

No expedited shipping options are currently available.

Can I buy more than one Gift Set?

Absolutely. You’ll just need to purchase them one at a time.

Will you notify the Gift recipient?

We’ll send a Welcome Email to the recipient after the Gift Set is delivered if you choose to have it shipped to them. If you ship it to yourself, we’ll leave it to you so that we don’t ruin the surprise.

I received a Gift Set. How do I redeem my Gift Card?

You can redeem your Gift Card here.

Can I create my own Gift Set?

Nope, we’ve done the work for you and picked combinations of some of our most popular products that’ll leave whoever you gift smiling from ear to ear. Check them out here.

Will the recipient be able to see my card information?

Nope, that’s private.