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DSC Originals Magazine is going paperless

Over the years we’ve shipped millions of physical copies of DSC Originals Magazine to our Members so that you’ve had something to read while you’re taking care of bathroom business. This printing process used an estimated 11 million gallons of water and 1,500 trees per year. But let’s face it - these days, if you’re sitting on the throne, you’re probably on your phone. 

That is why, in our continued effort to reduce waste and our environmental impact, we have decided to go completely paperless with DSC Originals Magazine starting this month. Don’t worry, you’ll still have digital access to the same great content and more in our weekly newsletter.* 

Less paper, more trees, what’s not to love? Thanks for being a part of our important journey towards a greener future.

*If you’ve unsubscribed from our newsletter and want to resubscribe, contact us and a Club Pro will help you out.

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