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How to attach blade to handle

How to attach Dollar Shave Club razor blades to handle:. 1. Place razor cassette on a steady surface. 2. Hold handle down with the eject button facing upwards (do not push on eject button on the handle). 3. Place the razor head down into a razor blad

How to Shave: Tips for getting the best shave

Shaving is easy if you know how —  here are some tips to get the best shave of your life.

Why it's important to moisturize after shaving

A shave isn’t over when you put the razor down — proper aftercare soothes your skin when it needs it most. Here’s why you should moisturize after shaving.

Which DSC razor is right for me?

Not sure if the 4 Blade or 6 Blade is better for how or what you shave? No matter what you’re shaving, DSC has a blade to fit your needs.

How to use Shave Butter

Designed for the shaver who longs for an easier glide, Shave Butter is a translucent shaving cream alternative that helps soften whiskers and enables precise navigation. Here are some tips on how to use it.